XPS Led Changer

Change your Dell XPS leds


XPS Led Changer Sourceforge download page: Search through all available packages


Libsmbios and the unsupported bins.
Libsmbios version 0.13.5 or above is required.

From XPS Led Changer version 0.5.4, touchpad control is available ONLY if libsmbios 2.0.2 or above is installed.

NOTE: Apparently libsmbios-bin has been replaced by smbios-utils.

Debian package

Download (latest version: 0.6.4)

RPM Package

Download (latest version: 0.6.4)

Source Code

Download (latest version: 0.6.4)

NOTE: The RPM's are just converted DEB's made with Alien. If you think you can do it better, feel free to contact me!
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